serious selfie (= * x * =) took a nice bath and work some art stuff. might work more on things i have in my head right now. *sigh* why am i still frustrated.

I’m too frustrated today.

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Yes Goddess, I will clean up after myself. Gladly.



Animated footjob. :)




I guess this is my first time posting something like this~

So much ideas and i keep on fantasizing many things right now. I’m in need to draw them~ Another thing is i feel so hot and flustered right now.

The thing is, it gets me so much satisfied and release a lot when i’m thinking of my precious bun bun while I please myself. (= *//x//* =) I may like to be dominant but passionate things always gets me. Passionate making love, foot job and foot worship. Ahhhh~ *swoons* (= ‘//x//’ =) 

anyways, more art to be posted soon, and this time, it’ll be passionate ones next. (= u//x//u =)